Our Story

Learn More Underwater

We have walked in your shoes.. or should we say dove in your fins? Fish identification is a skill that requires years of practice and a lot of time spent in the field and the books. The idea for this app was first planted in 2012, while Chelsea and Evan Tuohy were teaching the skills of fish ID and underwater visual census to a group of undergraduates. Despite the time these students spent reviewing fish quizzes and reference books, their first time in the water was a little overwhelming. There had to be an easier and more gradual way to integrate classroom-learning with field experience. Three years later, they met independent graphic designer and app developer, Keith Charles. They explained their idea for the app, and Keith - in a moment of perhaps regrettable brillance - announced he could bring that dream into a reality. So the trio set off to bring the app to life.

They successfully campaigned for donations on the crowdfunding site Experiment.com and fully supported the development of Artedi. For several months, they collaborated. Prototypes were built, tested and rebuilt. Student volunteers gave feedback, late night development and designing turned into early morning coffee breaks before the next day of late night development and design. But then, after five months in the works, Artedi was ready.

Showcased at the Gulf and Caribbean Institute Conference in Panama, Artedi was presented to a crowd full of fish loving folks - scientists, students and citizen scientists. A final sigh of relief was exhaled from all involved, and a big smile would be forever plastered on the faces of these inspired young professionals.

Currently, the app is being revised to work across platforms (Android/iOS). Also, the team was awarded a Research & Technical Grant by the Puerto Rico Sea Grant College Program, led by Dr. Juan J. Cruz-Motta of the Laboratory of Experimental Ecology at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Dept. of Marine Sciences. The grant was received in March 2017. The team has recruited volunteer student divers to test the effectiveness of the application over traditional learning.

Good things should be free.

We believe this educational app should always be free, and we will work our hardest to make sure it remains that way. Our development team is composed of students and early career professionals, donating a great deal of time, energy and resources for this project. Why? Because we believe it in. But hosting the app and dedicated development does cost some pretty pennies. If you are an organization or individual interested in sponsoring this app and its future, then don't be a stranger! Let's chat.

If you would like to donate a few bucks, please click below to be directed to PayPal. All donations support development, hosting of this website, hosting on iTunes and illustrator fees. Plain and simple.